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As is known to all,  with the technology developing,  people are leading
a life full of variety. Video game has also become one of the most
important forms of recreation. However,People’s opinion on playing
video game varies from person to person. Some are in favor of it,for it
can help develop people’s intelligence while others are against it
because of its harmfulness in psychology and physiology. In my points of
view ,each coin has its two sides. So does video game, which also has
its advantages and disadvantages.

On the one hand,Not only can video game make us relax, release the
pressure and improve the flexibility of the maniphalanx, but also it can
broaden our minds, develop our intelligence and enrich the knowledge of
the computer. In addiction,Some video games require players to work
together, which arouses people’s awareness of the importance of teamwork
and then enhance their capability of cooperation. By playing video
game,  you can make new friends as well. Nevertheless,On the other
hand,It is of great harm for people, especially the teenagers to play
too much video game. First,It will be harmful to the eye and health on
account of computer radiation. Second,People who indulge themselves in
playing too much video game may slide into some bad habits such as
staying up late, dipping into their purse and so on. Besides, wasting
too much time on the video game, people get easier to lose temper and
neglect their studies. Some video games are even full of phornography
and violence, which makes a bad influence on teenagers’ behavior.


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